Caring for all of your animals, at all times.


We provide our regular clients with a 24 hour emergency service

Phone (01423) 862121 to book an appointment or find out more.

We are the ONLY vets in Knaresborough and Harrogate that provide a 24 hour service for our regular clients

Every day, night, weekend and bank holiday there is a vet on call to deal with emergencies

If you have an animal that needs emergency treatment simply telephone

   (01423) 862121

at any time.

Our clients don't need to travel to Leeds, York or Thirsk in an emergency. Our regular vets provide an out of hours service from our own sugery in Knaresborough.

We have all the facilities to deal with an emergency including running blood tests, performing surgery and administering i/v fluids or medicines. We also have access to your pets full records which can be crucial to get the best treatment in the case of an ongoing problem. This is not possible if you have been sent to a distant emergency centre with no link to your regular practice.

Unlike many other veterinary practices we do not use an answer phone (except in unusual circumstances). This means that you will either speak directly to the vet, or if the vet is busy you will get through to another member of staff who can pass your message on.

In most cases we prefer to see small animals at the surgery. We simply cannot carry all of the equipment at the surgery in our cars, so we can only offer a limited service if we come to see your pet at home.

We will usually see horses and farm animals where they are kept. We carry enough equipment in our cars to deal effectively with most emergencies involving these species. In some cases we may still need to go to the surgery to get more equipment.

If it's not an emergency

Please contact the surgery during our normal opening times.