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COVID-19 (coronavirus): Information for our clients - click here

COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Information for clients of Forest House Veterinary Surgery

This is a rapidly changing situation and this page will be updated when necessary

Phone (01423) 862121 to book an appointment or find out more.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) Does Not Infect Animals

There is currently no evidence that your animals can be infected by the COVID-19 virus. There is only a very small risk that your animal may carry the virus on its surface for a short time if it has been in contact with an infected person. Animals do not need to be isolated or treated any differently to normal.

We are Open (but with changes)

The situation is constantly under review and may change at any time.

Farm Animal Services
  • Operating as normal.
Equine Services
  • Non-urgent work such as vaccinations should be delayed.
  • Telephone or Skype consultations may be a suitable option.
  • Sick or injured horses can still be attended.
Pet Services
  • Non-urgent work such as vaccinations should be delayed.
  • Telephone or Skype consultations may be suitable option.
  • Sick or injured pets can still be treated.
  • Repeat prescriptions and other medicines can be dispensed for collection or posted.
  • Routine pet care products e.g. food, flea treatments, worm treatments, etc. can still be purchased.

We have increased the time interval between our appointments to reduce the number of clients at the surgery at any time.

  • Our waiting room is closed - please wait in your car (or outside and at least 2m from anyone else).
    • Please be on-time for your appointment
      • If you are late for your appointment, it will not be possible to see you. You will need to re-book for another time.
    • If you arrive early, please wait in your car until your appointment time
    • Come alone - only one person per appointment please
    • Let the receptionists know that you have arrived by telephone.
  • Is a visit to the surgery really necessary?
    • Vaccinations are important but can be delayed by up to 3 months (except rabies and equine flu). Can you wait until later?
    • In simple cases, we may be able to do a consultation by phone or Skype video call (this is experimental at the moment).
      • Request a call-back or Skype call (we will need your Skype contact details) and we'll get a vet or nurse to contact you.
      • If the vet or nurse can't complete the consultation remotely and advises that you still need to come to the surgery, there will be no charge for the remote consultation. Otherwise, normal fees will apply.
  • Do you just need medication?
    • If you need a repeat prescription for long-term medication and your animal has been seen by a vet within the last 3 months,
      If you need flea or worming treatments and you pet has been seen by a vet within the last 12 months.
      • Please e-mail your request to
      • Tell us if you would prefer the medicine to be posted to you* (a postage charge will apply) or you would prefer to collect it.
      • When you prescription has been dispensed we will email an invoice to you which you can pay by card here or by bank transfer (bank details are on the invoices).
      • Once your payment has been received, we will post or you can collect your medication.

      *Some medicines e.g. anti-epilepsy drugs cannot legally be posted

  • If your are unwell, self isolating or worried
    • Stay in your car
    • Do not enter the building
    • Phone us from your car when you arrive
    • We'll make arrangements to bring your pet in to the surgery for treatment while you stay in your car
  • Please pay by card on our website (here) or bank transfer